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​Branciforte Middle offers an academic program that both pushes students' development and prepares them for success in High School. We work to build problem solving and critical thinking while broadening students' perspective on the world and helping them take agency in their learning. We believe in robust supports and high expectations to help students develop internal tools for success, and to foster an appetite for curiosity and ambition.


In sixth grade, the "Core” class combines English & History curriculum in one long period. This longer class provides a consistency that helps ease the transition for incoming students, building a bridge between the subject-specific class model of secondary and the elementary classroom. This helps to provide an opportunity for students to connect more deeply with their peers, and provides staff an opportunity to get to know new students well quickly.

College-Prep Math

We offer both a grade-level and accelerated pathway, building advanced math skills for all students as they head toward high school. Students have the ability to move far forward in math, and to even begin to cover ground more normally taught in High School.

College-built Science

Our science program is built on curriculum developed in partnership with the UC Berkeley Laurence Hall of Science. We are soon implementing NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) that are driven by an inquiry-based approach that builds mastery of the scientific method while teaching advanced skills in research.

English Language Arts

Our language arts curriculum combines both the interpretation and argument study of fiction and the analysis of informational text. This curriculum is built on a College Prep path, teaching students the critical thinking and communication tools they will use in High School and at University.

Social Studies

Our Social Studies Curriculum is built into our literacy program, and relies on a framework developed by National Geographic. The curriculum is built to lead students into High School, pushing students forward  for a smooth transition after 8th grade.

Career Technical Education Wheel

Built to provide academic study while building real-world skills taught by professionals, B40 students are able to choose from a rotating "wheel" of CTE courses throughout their time in Middle School. Common examples of CTE courses are Computer Science, Woodworking & Culinary Arts. We also offer a rotating set of Electives which allow students to design their own schedules.

Spanish Language Arts

& Two-Way Immersion Pathway

As a continuation of the Two-Way bilingual immersion program, but also as an opportunity for any incoming student to pursue bilingualism, Branciforte offers a Spanish Language pathway. Students at B40 not only have access to Spanish Language classes, but the support of the department to seek the California State Seal of Biliteracy

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